About Okeland

About Okeland


About Okeland.

Providence is being brought to life by Okeland Communities, one of Australia’s most successful residential development companies responsible for the creation of a number of outstanding properties across the country. Owned and run by the Shephard family, Okeland Communities is committed to providing residents with a happy, healthy and safe place to live. 

Okeland Communities is a family-owned property development company based in Perth, Western Australia. The company has its roots in the property industry as far back as 1971 when David Shephard began building homes and doing small developments within Perth.  His legacy and passion to create extraordinary places to live would permeate across the generations and propel Okeland Communities into the company it is today.

 We pride ourselves on engaging with communities, local councils and state governments to create outstanding residential communities across the country.

"The name Okeland celebrates authentic family values as integral to the business and the residential communities we create. It may be a new name for the company but it is a name with deep roots in history that provide a solid foundation for the future."

It's the Okeland way.

Adam Shephard (Managing Director) and Cameron Shephard (Executive Director).

The family whose values inspired Providence.

The Shephard family began in property in Western Australia in 1971 and their signature hands-on style is evident in the thoughtful approach to every detail and their endless passion to create a vibrant, modern and progressive community that looks to the future, while remaining true to the authentic values and neighbourhood traditions that lie at the heart of every great Australian town.

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