The Vision

The Vision


The Big Picture

Providence is a 20 year vision designed to create a vibrant, lively community of more than 20,000 people living, working and enjoying life together. Covering more than 700+ Ha in the heart of the Ripley Valley, Providence will include an education precinct, sports grounds, town centre and extensive transport connections.

Based on the four key values that form our Foundation Stones, and with a long term commitment to create something lasting, substantial and meaningful, Providence will set the future benchmark for everything a town should be.

But that’s just the way we picture things, make the move to Providence today and start living your vision.

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Okeland's values are the Foundation Stones on which Providence is built. 


Providence is founded on four key values that inform and inspire every action we take. We believe that when the Foundation Stones are strong, the town will support continued growth and expansion, it will have purpose and longevity and the town and its people will thrive.

Our Foundation Stones are:

Connected – putting everyone at the heart of a vibrant community

Considered – an address designed around residents and their needs

Nurturing – home to a healthy and natural environment

Opportunity  – wealth of possibilities for living and working

A commitment to quality


In Providence we're building something special - a contemporary, forward - looking community with the heart and soul of a traditional Australian town. And we'd love you to be part of it.  Our partner builders are selected because they believe in the same high standards and commitment to excellence that underpins our vision of a vibrant, lively community where people feel instantly at home, love the houses they live in and care about friendships, neighbourliness and positive values.

The makers of Providence

“I want to be able to take my 7-year old son, my 5-year old and 10-month old daughters to these places in 20 years and be proud of the legacy we have left behind.”

Adam Shephard, Managing Director, Okeland Communities

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