Top 5 Tips To Refresh Your Home

Top 5 Tips To Refresh Your Home

23 OCT 2020

We spoke with Sharon Piconi, general manager at Stylemaster Homes, to get the scoop on 2020 spring style from their award-winning display homes. Here are her top 5 tips for achieving this new season’s look and feel in your new home.

It is time to bring the outside inside this spring, top designers advise new homeowners, renovators, and the décor obsessed.

“Spring always invites us to open up our homes to enjoy the warmer weather and inspires a clean, fresh palette,” says Sharon Piconi, general manager at award-winning Stylemaster Homes.

“It is time to swap the darker colours and richer warmth favoured through winter with white walls with soft benchtop and cabinetry tones.”

Of course, to comfortably blur the barrier between your indoors and the great outdoors, plants are key, and when complimented with materials of white and earthy tones, infuse your space with refreshing organic beauty.

“When it comes to decorating and material selections, our clients appreciate a natural and relaxed sense of style,” Sharon says.

“Introduce plenty of indoor greenery, soft timber tones, furnishings with crisp white linen slip covers, natural stone elements like concrete and terrazzo, and organic simplified shapes.”  

Choose plants that welcome the sunlight, as Sharon encourages designs that do, too:

“From a home design perspective, we are seeing an increase in popularity of high ceilings which are often vaulted or raked,” she reveals.

“Skylights in the main living and kitchen areas, and even the master bedroom and ensuite, provide plenty of wow factor along with plenty of natural sunlight during the day.”

The goal is to transform your home into a sanctuary that oozes calm, with soothing tones and an emphasis on cool, natural elements. Not only are you looking to welcome ample sun, Monstera Deliciosa and Fiddle Leaf Fig, but also to create a space where an invigorating spring breeze can sweep through and freshen the air.

“We are also seeing an uptick in demand for recessed stacker doors, which again allow us to open the interior of the home to the outdoors, while introducing natural ventilation throughout the home,” Sharon says.

“They also provide a picture-perfect view of one of the most popular Stylemaster ‘must-haves’ … a sparkling inground concrete pool!”

If that doesn’t help you feel relaxed and revitalised, we don’t know what will!

Stylemaster Homes’ Top 5 Tips for Your Spring 2020 Home

  1. Keep it light and bright – Replace darker colours with white and natural tones.
  2. Embrace organic beauty – Introduce plenty of indoor greenery, crisp white furnishings, natural stone elements, and organic simplified shapes.
  3. Invite the sunlight – Aim high with vaulted or raked ceilings with skylights.
  4. Bring the outside inside – Consider recessed stacker doors that allow expansive openings to the outdoors, along with plenty of natural ventilation throughout the home.
  5. Keep it playful and cool – One of the most popular Stylemaster ‘must-haves’, an inground concrete pool, will have you feeling refreshed in spring and ready to take on summer.

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