Three generations create a bigger Providence family

Three generations create a bigger Providence family

12 JUL 2018

Posted on January 06, 2018

Providence South Ripley has quickly gained a reputation for delivering a great lifestyle regardless of your age. One local family has taken their love of the area one step further with three generations now calling Providence home.

Kieran and Laura Turner moved to Providence almost two years ago, drawn to the area’s serenity and family-friendly amenities like the nearby café, barbeque and park facilities. After becoming part of the community the Turners brought Providence’s newest resident into the world – their baby, Mabel.

Months went by and the family were visited by Laura’s parents, Geo and Mary Stalker – who were immediately captivated by Providence’s lifestyle.

Providence ticked all the boxes for the Stalkers, and so what started as a family visit became a land sale.

“It was time and we liked the area so much, so we stopped in at the sales office and put a deposit down on a block of land that day.”

Providence not only brought these generations together, but inadvertently created one big family.

“We’re a close family unit... and raising a child as first time parents, having someone close by to help is always a bonus,” Mr Turner said. “But having them live up the other end has allowed us to meet new people and get to know everyone around the area. It helps us t in – everyone’s so nice and giving.”

After over a year of living in the area, Mr Stalker said it’s the sense of community that he loves the most. “We talk to our neighbours over the back fence... people have really welcomed us here.”

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