Streamers Fly And A Community Grows As Providence Celebrates 1,000th Settlement

Streamers Fly And A Community Grows As Providence Celebrates 1,000th Settlement

12 JUN 2019

Providence has continued to cement itself as the most popular masterplanned community in the Ripley Valley, after recently settling its 1,000th land sale.

Software developer Kurt and school teacher Sarah Doherty spent the past few years living in rental properties in search of the perfect place to call home, before successfully settling on a block of land within the Providence community.

“We really love the community aspect of the area,” Ms Doherty said.

“We love that when you drive through the entrance, you can straight away see the water park and there’s always people playing there; there’s always families, and we have a lot of friends in the area.

“It just speaks to our need for community.

“We moved house every year for a few years to try out different areas and see different types of houses, to see how and where we would like to live. When Providence was first built we thought it would be a great place to live … it was really exciting when we found a block of land; it’s near a park, it’s on a hill, and it overlooks the mountains.

“It sort of all fell together and we were just excited that the opportunity came up when it did,” she said.

Having spent most of their lives in the Ipswich area, it was vital for the Dohertys to settle on a location which would be a convenient distance to work as well as a place where they could raise their young son, Charlie.

“We wanted home to have friends in his area that also went to school with him, so he can play with them at the park and things like that,” Ms Doherty said.

Providence’s 1,000th property settlers join a like-minded community where 55.1% of purchasers were renting prior to buying and 66% of purchasers are first home buyers. Families looking for a suitable place to create a ‘forever home’ are also in healthy supply, making up 52.5% of buyers within the community.

As with all other lots within the development, the Doherty’s land and future household will also present ample opportunity for successful property investment, due to the Ripley Valley being South East Queensland’s fastest growing corridor.

The area is expected to welcome an additional 147,515 residents to its population by 2043, making it close to the size of Toowoomba.

Over the past three years, sales in the corridor increased 8.8% and prices 13.8% as the corridor’s popular grows.

Despite the potential future value of their new land at Providence, the Dohertys have no immediate plans other than to find their place in the vibrant community.

“A big part for me is to build connections in the area,” Ms Doherty said.

“It would definitely be to make friends in the area so they can come over for tea. I can have friends that won’t need to drive down to see us.

“It’s a great first step and we’re really excited.”

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