Providence: The Home Of Health & Fitness In Ripley Valley

Providence: The Home Of Health & Fitness In Ripley Valley

17 OCT 2019

With summer fast approaching, many people are turning their attention to getting into shape to make a splash at the beach. Luckily there are now plenty of options at Providence for Ripley Valley locals to help get their beach body ready.

The recent arrival of group trainer DAS Health & Fitness and the continuation of The FIT Initiative and various other groups means Providence South Ripley now has multiple options every week to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

DAS Health & Fitness

DAS Health & Fitness founder Demika Snape, who commenced four weekly bootcamps at Providence’s Splash n’ Play in August, knows first hand the importance of health.

After being diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease a few years ago, Demika relies heavily on maintaining a strong physique to help reduce pain.

“I have always been passionate about living a happy, healthy lifestyle but once my diagnosis was confirmed it took my love for fitness to a new level… my health depended on it,” she said. “The opportunity to set-up at Providence where I live is something I am really relishing and helping my friends and neighbours achieve their goals make the job a pure joy.”

Demika sets up her unique 360 Mobile Gym trailer every Monday (9.30-10.30am), Tuesdays, (5.30-6.30pm), Thursdays (5.30-6.30pm) and Saturday (7-8am). The Monday session is specifically tailored to mums and provides them with an opportunity to exercise in a judgment free, comfortable community environment. Kids welcome as well!.

The 360 gym has 16 stations on the gym itself allowing 16 people to work out at once. It has a waterproof surround sound system allowing music during all sessions and LED night lights on all stations to provide light for night training.

The onboard equipment and capabilities includes squat racks, eight cable machines including seated row station, lat pulldown station, bench press, pull up bars, dip bars, boxing bag, stepping machine and battle ropes.

Demika hosts all sessions and provides clients with access to her experience as a qualified nurse, group fitness trainer and personal trainer.

The FIT Initiative

Providence resident Heather Cann is continuing to offer her thrice-weekly group fitness sessions at 6.00pm on Monday (HIIT), Wednesday (dumbells) and Friday (circuit). Each session costs $3.00.

Heather’s goal is to deliver a flexible, friendly and super affordable fitness option to the Providence and wider South Ripley community, through a variety of classes that allows the participant to work at their own level. Her sessions include;

  • Monday 6:00pm – HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is aimed to get you working at your 100% for a short period, followed by a quick rest before hitting 100% again.
  • Wednesday 6:00pm – Dumbbell Workout is our mid-week muscle builder. BYO your own dumbbells, mat and water. Spares available.
  • Friday 6:00pm – Circuit combines both a strength & high intensity work out. Plenty of equipment has been provided including TRX, Kettle-bells, Sled pull, Battle Ropes to give you an opportunity to try out some different training techniques.


Meredith Gadd from Happy Place Pilates has been a popular fixture on the Providence health and fitness scene since moving in earlier this year.

Pilates consists of controlled movements to strengthen the muscles while focusing on your core and alignment to strengthen posture, improve flexibility and enhance mental awareness and coordination.

Meredith, who is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and a Clinical Pilates Instructor, hosts a range of classes for beginners to expert. The classes are held every Saturday at 7am and 8am and cost $12 per person. Bookings essential on 0426 950 020 or send a Facebook message to @happyplacepilates.


Ripley Valley Walkers are a group who meet on Thursday night at Providence (between the cafe and the Sales Centre) at 6pm (and other times when possible).

People of all levels of fitness are welcome as are leashed dogs and babies in prams. The group walks from 30 mins up to 1.5 hours. Join the Ripley Valley Walkers Facebook group to find out more.


The Providence Running Group meets every Tuesday morning at 5:30am at Splash ‘n’ Play with all levels of runners welcome.

Join the Providence Running facebook group to make sure a run is on and to keep up to date. You can also post if you would like to start your own run or just see if anyone is up for run at a different time.

For more information on these and other Providence community events please visit A list of upcoming events, including health and fitness classes, can be found here

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