Providence Land Sales Hold Strong As New Stage Locks In $1.74 million in Sales

Providence Land Sales Hold Strong As New Stage Locks In $1.74 million in Sales

26 MAR 2020

The Providence South Ripley township has secured nearly $2 million worth of sales at its latest release, with Ipswich land buyers continuing to be attracted to the region’s improving infrastructure.

Providence developer Okeland Communities released the second stage of its Barram’s Quarter on Saturday with nine of the 25 lots, worth $1.74 million, now sold.

Providence Sales Manager Jamie Martin said the new release of 25 homesites would provide buyers with a unique opportunity to be part of the bustling Providence community.

“Our two new schools have given the community a real buzz,” he said. “These homesites are a great way to be a part of the community in a central location close to a range of future infrastructure.”

The Barram’s Quarter release pays tribute to two of the region’s pioneers who helped establish the first permanent European settlement in the area.

With the first release nearly sold out, Providence developer Okeland Communities released the next 25 lots in the stage with prices starting from $175,400 and homesites ranging from 294sqm to 560 sqm.

Named after William (Lew) and John (Jack) Barram, Barram’s Quarter is close to all of Providence’s facilities including the planned town centre and numerous parks. The prime location is also at the heart of the catchment area for the new primary and secondary schools which opened in providence in early 2020.

Located close to the planned town centre, and within walking distance of the new schools, the Barram’s Corner release will be just about as close as you can get the heart of Providence.

“The future town centre is just a few minutes’ walk away and will include leafy walkways, lively cafés, sophisticated restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores, shopping, banks and a public plaza that everyone can enjoy,” Mr Martin said.

The Barram name is synonymous with the early development of Ripley. Brothers Lew and Jack, who were two of seven sons of William and Mary Ann Barram, originally moved to the area with their parents in the late 1800s. In 1900 the brothers teamed up to purchase more than 1,000 acres of land in the Ripley Valley which was used for running their own cattle and agistment.

It wasn’t until 1902 that the brothers began constructing houses, some of the first in the Ripley Valley, and they lived side by side with their 11 children until 1916 when Jack moved to Raceview to open a butchery and slaughterhouse.

During their time at Ripley they managed their cattle farms, worked at local coal mines and shot koalas, possums and kangaroos for their highly sought-after skins.

Lew and his wife Emma lived at Ripley until 1943 when the property was requisitioned by the United States army for use as a live firing range. Their property was located at the end of Barrams Road where it intersects with Cumner Road. Jack passed away in 1961 and Lew passed away in 1945.

Providence is the largest masterplanned community in the Ripley Valley growth corridor where there is a massive $4.4 billion worth of residential projects currently underway which will ultimately provide around 50,000 dwellings to house 120,000 people.

To date, more than 1,300 homesites have been sold at Providence with a population now approaching 3,000 people.

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