Providence Education Precinct Gathers Pace

Providence Education Precinct Gathers Pace

7 AUG 2019

Progress towards the launch of Providence’s new $120 million education precinct is gathering pace with a host of activity over recent weeks.

The entire precinct will include a state primary school that will open for Prep to Year 6 students in 2020 and a high school that will open to Year 7 and 8 in 2020 and continue to grow by a year level, each year, to offer Year 7 to 12.

The primary school and high school will be adjacent to each other, constructed between Providence Parade, Botany Drive and Parkway Avenue, Ripley Valley. The precinct will also include a new childcare centre.

On-site construction is now progressing rapidly to ensure the new facilities are available for early 2020. As part of the ramp-up the State Government is undertaking extensive consultations and information campaigns for the local community across a range of issues.

Public Meetings

A number of public meetings have already been held to keep the community up to date with development of the schools. The next meeting on the new schools will be held on 22 August (Friday) from 7-8pm at Deebing Heights State High School, 81 Rawlings Rd, Deebing Heights. Guests will have the opportunity to meet new principals, see the proposed secondary school uniforms and provide feedback on the school motto and logo. For the latest information on meetings and other milestones you can follow the new schools on Facebook or visit the high school's website.

High School

Primary School


Enrolment Expressions of Interest

Expressions for interest in enrolling at the new schools is now open. Parents can register their interest in enrolling by contacting the regional office at

School Name

The State Government is currently undertaking a community survey to help determine the names of the new schools. Three options have been selected for the primary school and six options for the high school.

Proposed primary school names:

  • Ripley State School
  • Ripley valley State School
  • South Ripley State School

Proposed secondary school names:

  • Ripley State High School
  • Ripley valley State High School
  • South Ripley State High School
  • Ripley State Secondary College
  • Ripley Valley State Secondary College
  • South Ripley State Secondary College

The public can provide their feedback via an online survey -

The Education Minister Grace Grace will make the final decision based on the submissions and feedback from the community.

Outside School Hours Care

Local parents have indicated that they would like an Outside School Hours Care (OHSC) service next year. These services can take a long period of time to organise and require significant information. Interested parents are asked to request and complete a form available from by 9th August.

Community Advisory Committee

The State Government has also called for nominations to join the Community Advisory Committees for the new schools. The Committees will meet each fortnight to help manage communities input into the development of the school.


There has been widespread speculation in the community regarding the catchment for the new schools. The State Government has confirmed that while the catchment is yet to be finalised, all residents of Providence now and in the future will be within the catchment.

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