Providence and Its First Family Celebrate Birthday Milestones

Providence and Its First Family Celebrate Birthday Milestones

13 SEP 2019

Little Archer Commons is the mirror image of the community he calls home – growing up fast, changing before our eyes and about to celebrate his fourth birthday.

Providence, the largest new residential community within the Ripley Valley, recently marked the fourth anniversary of the arrival of its first residents only days before that very couple sings Happy Birthday to their eldest child.

Jasmine and Shayne Commons moved into their Providence home only days before Archer was born and have had a front-row seat as the master-planned township has evolved at the same time as their baby boy has become a little man.

While Archer is now a big brother to 17-month-old Alvie, Providence is now home to some of the best facilities in the Ripley Valley including Splash’n’Play Water & Adventure Park, Providence Community Centre, Providence Parklands Sporting Fields and more than 2,500 residents.

“From moving into what seemed like a ghost town with half-built houses and not a sound at night, it’s amazing to now be part of a bustling community with an abundance of spirit,” Ms Commons said.

“It has been great to watch the transformation unfold as more families have moved into their homes and more facilities and public spaces have come to life. From Splash’n’Play and the dog park to events such as the Providence Heart & Soul Festival, the precinct has come so far in just four years.

“When we bought our first home at Providence, we had a vision of the future we wanted for our family and it’s wonderful that it is fast becoming a reality.”

Stretching across 670ha, Providence will comprise 7000 homes upon completion, along with two high schools, two primary schools, retail and dining outlets and 200ha of parkland and reserves.

Construction of the community’s town centre will unfold during the next few years, while new primary and high schools are due to open next year.

“With Archer set to start Prep in 2021, it’s great knowing he will be able to attend a school so close to home,” Ms Commons said.

“We’re also looking forward to the development of the Parklands on Harmony Crescent. Our boys love being able to walk down the paths to the local parks and the promise of more open space as they get older is such a bonus.

“The past four years have been a huge period of change for Shayne and I and it will be interesting to see what the next four years delivers for not only our little family but our community.”

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