Meet Brendan - Your Ripley Valley Secondary College Principal

Meet Brendan - Your Ripley Valley Secondary College Principal

25 AUG 2020

Brendan Krueger was appointed as Principal of the new Ripley Valley State Secondary College (RVSSC) in 2019 and has played a pivotal role in its early success. RVSSC opened to students in January with an initial cohort of students in Year 7 and 8. The school masterplan identifies further staged development as the school grows to accommodate the full Year 7 to 12 enrolments

What made you become a teacher?

I enjoy working with people and throughout my senior schooling years had a number of teachers and mentors that encouraged me to consider a career in education.  I enjoyed design, engineering and building things so I decided to apply for a university degree that allowed me to pursue my interests of people (education), design and  engineering.  Needless to say, I graduated four years later with an education degree in Technology Education that allowed me to teach design, engineering and industrial skills to secondary students.

Where did you go to school?

I grew up in Western Queensland and started my schooling at Charleville State School.  We then moved to Brisbane and I attended Ferny Grove State School for the remainder of primary school and Mueller College in Redcliffe for my secondary school.

Opening the new school to hundreds of new students and staff was a very exciting time, how has everyone settled in? 

Staff and students have settled in very quickly.  We had students enroll from over 15 different primary and secondary schools, but they all adjusted well and embraced the challenge of starting something new.

What is your favorite room in the new school?

Due to my keen interest in design and engineering it is the advanced manufacturing workshops that include computer 3D designing followed by the advanced manufacturing of products on 3D printers, laser cutters or computer controlled (CNC) machines.

How many staff and students do you have now? 

We have 154 students in July and 11 teaching staff and including all staff 36 in total.

How did the school community manage through the COVID1-9 closures?

We were very fortunate in that every child has a laptop.  The 1:1 laptop program existed from day one of school so the transition to at home online learning was very seamless.  Staff and students were used to and familiar with software programs and were able to enhance and build on online platforms and work already started in term 1.

What has been the most surprising thing for you in the first six months? 

The willingness of staff, students and families to get involved in the college’s life, growth, and culture.  Our students are very proud and passionate about their school and their enthusiasm for school and being a part of creating a new school is infectious.  This year our students designed our sport house mascots, war cries, and house shirts.  They are now planning for our time capsule and foundation park redevelopment as a milestone in our school's history.

What is your focus for the next six months? 

Right now, we are preparing for year 9 and our Stage 2 buildings which will commence in 2020 and go for 12 months.  This will see the building of our purpose-built library, development centre, IT spaces, senior, music, dance, drama, and lecture theatres. 

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