Local Businesses And Creatives To Benefit As New Community Centre Gets Finishing Touches

Local Businesses And Creatives To Benefit As New Community Centre Gets Finishing Touches

4 JUN 2020

A major overhaul of the five-year-old Providence Community and Sales Centre on Amity Drive will see local businesses and creative artists take centre stage with new spaces to pursue their dreams.

The refurbishment of the centre includes the creation of a dedicated Creative Arts Incubator Program and exhibition space and expansion of Providence’s highly successful Small Business Development Program.

Finishing touches on the new community centre are expected to be made throughout June with an official opening planned for once restrictions on gatherings are lifted.

The space will be a dedicated home for Providence's creative community and provide a common space where artists can display their work and run workshops and training events.

Providence Community Development Manager Felicity Hill said the Providence community had already developed a strong community of creative artists and the new space would provide a focal point for their energy.

“If you are a local photographer, potter, crafter, sewer, artist or jewelry makers please get in touch.  We are looking forward to working together to define a vision and future for the space and we are very excited about seeing it grow over the coming months and years,” she said.

“We want the people who will be using the space to have input, so that you can get the most out of it and it becomes a valuable asset, not just for creative types, but for the broader Providence and Ripley Valley communities.”

“Ultimately we don’t just want it to be a space where people can display and sell their art, but a place where artists and artisans can teach and share their knowledge and experience with others.”

Completion of the new Community Centre will also see an expansion of Providence's small business incubator program and the development of a new Ripley Valley Business Network to help support growth and promote local businesses.

The new centre has been designed to ensure that the creative arts and business spaces and communities work together to support one another with creatives encouraged to utilise the business incubator to take their art into a business while local businesses can use the creative network and expertise to help build their own business.

The business incubator programs are a continuation of Providence’s support of local business that has seen more than 300 people receive small business training in professional, moderated workshops.

The workshops, which have been held for the last three years, are hosted by business building and marketing experts, including Brent Murray from local marketing firm Enspya and Adrian Moriconi from creative agency Trident Creative.

They have been provided free to residents of Providence through funding from Okeland Communities.

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