Home Buyers Jake and Isabelle Building Dream Home at Providence

Home Buyers Jake and Isabelle Building Dream Home at Providence

21 JUL 2020

Jake Davey and his partner Isabelle Edmunds are about to start building their dream home at Providence South Ripley after settling on the community to match their lifestyle and future needs.

After having spent time looking at options across the Ipswich and Ripley Valley area, including other estates and pre-built homes, it was Providence that met all their requirements.

Jake, a FIFO auto-electrician, and Isabelle, who’s working in and studying in childcare, wanted to make sure that their investment would be secure for the long term.

“We’re both in our twenties and wanted to ensure that we were getting real value for money,” Isabelle said. “It was important that it sets us up for the future and that we benefit from growth in the community.”

Jake, who had been saving for some time for a house, late last year put down the deposit for their nearly 530 sq m block which was one of the biggest they could find. It enables them to build the type of home that will suit their lifestyle. The couple are currently living between both sets of parents and Providence conveniently is situated within 15 minutes of both homes.

Jake was also able to qualify for the State Government’s $15,000 first homeowners grant.

“We’re confident that the value of the block and our property will increase over time –especially with what’s still to come,” Isabelle said. “We love that there is a community already here but with more residents and infrastructure to follow.”

Isabelle pointed in particular to the abundance of green areas and parks that gives Providence a sense of space and community.

She and Jake love that they are located near the Town Centre, with planned shops, Splash ‘n Play Water Park, community centre, newly opened schools and the café at hand.

They look forward to the day when they can walk their own children to school and go on cycling adventures as a family to visit Providence’s many parks, particularly the Splash n’ Play park.

“It was our dream to live in Providence and now having chosen our home builder, Brighton Homes, we expect it to be completed by the end of this year,” Isabelle said.

“Jake will have some time off and will help put a few finishing touches to the property including the landscaping and then we will be able to move in.”

Providence Sales Manager Jamie Martin said its high level of affordability and established infrastructure was attracting first home buyers from across south east Queensland to the community.

“Our goal has been to build a community that is not only diverse, welcoming and friendly but also affordable,” he said. “We attract a lot of first and second home buyers and even have many families with multiple generations living in the community.”

Jake and Isabelle are also excited about the forthcoming childcare centre that will add to the community services available.

“We’re looking forward to settling down and enjoying all that Providence has to offer,” Isabelle said. “This community certainly fits all our expectations and we are keen to grow with it.

“We’ve had great support from our builder and the Providence sales team. Jamie Martin and Nathan Taylor were fabulous and the whole team really supported us and have provided lots of information about the community, with no pressure.”

Spanning more than 700 hectares, around three times the size of Brisbane’s CBD, Providence is being developed by Okeland Communities.

The town will be constructed over 20 years and will feature around 7,000 homes, providing for a population of about 20,000 residents.

On completion, the community will include extensive parklands, a town centre, an education precinct, a health and wellbeing hub and a sport and recreation precinct.

Located on 6 Amity Way, South Ripley, Providence’s Land Sales and Community Centre is open 10am – 5pm, 7 days.

For more information call 1800 604 246, email info@providenceripley.com.au or visit providenceripley.com.au.

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