Business Leaders Of The Future Taking Flight At Providence

Business Leaders Of The Future Taking Flight At Providence

7 APR 2019

Some of the world’s biggest and most successful businesses - Facebook, Apple and Google - all began as a simple ideas by inexperienced founders. Through passion, learning and perseverance these founders created some of the most recognisable brands in the world.

Providence recently reached a major milestone in its campaign to help create the global brands of tomorrow with more than 300 new business entrepreneurs now supported through a free start-up training workshop.

The workshops, which have been held for the last 2.5 years, are hosted by business building and marketing experts, including Brent Murray from local marketing firm Enspya and Adrian Moriconi from creative agency Trident Creative.

They have been provided free to residents of Providence through funding from Okeland Communities.

Providence Community Development Manager Felicity Hill said the workshops had been very successful with many past participants now operating their own successful businesses.

“Our residents don’t just come to Providence for a place to live,” Ms Hill said. “They come here to build a life. For many of them that includes starting their own business.”

“We think it is part of our role to help them make their business ideas a reality, so we are happy to fund these training programs. It is also just a great way to meet like minded people, to network and to set some goals.”

Mr Murray said the workshops were designed to help people turn their ideas into actions.

“There are so many enthusiastic individuals with great ideas for businesses out there, but many just need advice, support and direction to know where to start,” he said.

“The goal of the workshops is to help people through those early hurdles so that can get their business to a point where it is self-sustaining. It can be a difficult road to success, but it can be much easier with the personalised advice and guidance”

“We try to foster a real collegiate atmosphere to make sure people cannot just learn from our experience, but the experience of other people starting their own business.”

The workshops are held on a regular basis and open to any resident of Providence. For more information email or visit

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