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Did you know that most of Providence Billboards feature Providence People?  

If you live at Providence and would like to submit a photo please email it to with a completed talent release form. 

Any photos submitted will be used in Providence Ripley promotion only. 

Taking photos – best practice

The rules for making good pictures: authenticity, simplicity, emotion and composition. 

  • Whenever possible please use camera instead of your phone
  • Image size: supply images in the largest possible size to make sure they have the necessary resolution
  • In turn, that means an image with a large resolution has a much higher chance of working than a small one we have to blow up to the big format
  • Image format: landscape preferable
  • Make sure your photos are in focus
  • Composition - be wary of the background and distracting elements in a photo like lampposts, etc. An object blocking part of the frame works if it’s put there intentionally and contextualizes the photo.
  • A lot of photography is about what’s not in a photo.
  • Lighting is the key – make sure the object is well lit. Good lighting doesn’t always mean using flash lighting or even man-made lighting. It’s just a matter of facing subjects toward the setting sunlight and not shooting them with the sun behind them and shadows on their face.
  • Try not to use filters

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