Providence and Ripley Valley

"The Ripley Valley is shaped by rich history."

As well as undeniable charm born of stunning landscapes and picturesque views, the Ripley Valley is shaped by a rich history filled with fascinating stories of people and place. The Ripley Valley covers 4,680 hectares and is situated 5km south-west of Ipswich and will soon be home to thousands of people and families who will live, work, and enjoy life in the Valley.



The Ripley Valley is a 40 minute drive away from Brisbane, heading south-west along the Centenary Highway. It is situated near Ipswich, which is only a short 10 minute drive away, and 10 minutes in the other direction sits Springfield.


Within the Valley visitors can explore nature trails, enjoy the Splash’n’Play waterpark, eat at cafes and enjoy the scenic mountain views. There are plenty of nearby facilities in Ipswich and Springfield, including shopping centres, art galleries, theatres, Workshops Rail Museum, and plenty of sporting facilities.


Life in the Ripley Valley is both relaxing, and convenient. There are many leisure and entertainment options around the area both within the Valley and it’s surrounding areas. It’s easy to spend a day relaxing and unwinding in the Ripley Valley. 

History of the Ripley Valley

European settlement dates back to 1829, 30 years before Queensland was declared a State, with stockmen running herds of cattle. Early settlers to the Valley included squatters, convicts and free settlers predominantly from Ireland and England.

Back in those early times the pioneering farming families had a strong sense of community. It was a productive society invigorated by the spirit of hard working citizens who shaped their lives on the land. However as time marched on and the Australian colony industrialised, much of this spirit was lost; the school closed and people moved on.

Providence is committed to recapturing the essence of a thriving community and true neighbourhood values. As residents of Providence, you are the next chapter in the story of the Ripley Valley.

Bringing the spirit of the past into the present by honouring the pioneers and their enduring legacy of “community” is one of Providence’s goals. The James Ivory Bridge, prestigious neighbourhood of McGuire’s, and interpretive signage along discover trails are some examples of how Providence is bringing history of Ripley and the Ripley Valley to life.


The Ripley Valley is central to a region that is forecast to be one of the most significant growth areas in South East Queensland with many new homes under construction in the region.

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