“I want to live in a down-to-earth kind of town that inspires me to soar.”

Located near the townships of Ipswich and Brisbane, our vision for Providence is exactly that. To be a genuine, thriving, nourishing kind of place that gives people the chance to be who they want to be and make their own choices in life.

Over the next twenty years we see Providence becoming home to more than 20,000 people, expanding to include four schools, a town centre with supermarkets, boutique stores, restaurants and cafes, a Health & Wellbeing hub and over 200 hectares of parkland, sporting facilities and dog parks. Who knows, maybe even a lake and beach club?

But that’s just the way we picture things, make the move to Providence today and start living your vision.

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Scale of Providence Town

Fast Facts

  • 700+ Ha land holding

  • 7,000 new homes upon completion.

  • Providence will be the largest new residential community in the Ripley Valley, home to up to 20,000 people

  • 20,000m2 Major Regional Town Centre

  •  4 New Schools, 2 opening in 2020

  • Over 200Ha of parklands and green spaces, larger than the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, City Botanic Gardens and Southbank Gardens combined

  • Providence will be surrounded by parklands, bushlands and spectacular mountain views

  •  Providence is central to one of the largest forecast growth areas in Australia, just 8 mins drive from Springfield and 10 from Ipswich

  • A vibrant, self-sustaining, organic community that will offer shopping, education, entertainment, leisure, wellbeing and health facilities. All of which translate into local jobs, economic driving power and a lasting legacy

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