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  • Flinders | Lot 1291
    Land Size 552m²
    Frontage 20.7m
    Depth 32m
  • Horizon | Lot 1876
    Land Size 471m²
    Frontage 15m
    Depth 32m
  • | Lot 99
    Land Size 128m²
    Frontage 15m
  • Horizon | Lot 1884
    Land Size 392m²
    Frontage 14m
    Depth 28m
  • Flinders | Lot 1353
    Land Size 582m²
    Frontage 22.1m
    Depth 32m
  • Horizon | Lot 9999999
    Land Size
  • McGuire's | Lot 672
    Land Size 423m²
    Frontage 13.9m
    Depth 32m
  • Flinders | Lot 1355
    Land Size 569m²
    Frontage 22.1m
    Depth 32m
  • Flinders | Lot 1354
    Land Size 592m²
    Frontage 23m
    Depth 32m

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