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  • Horizon | Lot 1655
    Land Size 472m²
    Frontage 16.5m
  • Horizon | Lot 1466
    Land Size 600m²
    Frontage 15m
    Depth 40m
  • Horizon | Lot 1447
    Land Size 470m²
    Frontage 9m
    Depth 26m
  • Horizon | Lot 1692
    Land Size 421m²
    Frontage 16m
    Depth 28m
  • Horizon | Lot 1854
    Land Size 103m²
    Frontage 15.5m
    Depth 32m
  • Horizon | Lot 1869
    Land Size 415m²
    Frontage 15m
    Depth 28m
  • Horizon | Lot 1473
    Land Size 411m²
    Frontage 9m
    Depth 22m
  • Horizon | Lot 1636
    Land Size 425m²
    Frontage 15.5m
    Depth 28m
  • Horizon | Lot 1622
    Land Size 469m²
    Frontage 11m
    Depth 30m
  • Horizon | Lot 1449
    Land Size 400m²
    Frontage 12.5m
    Depth 32m

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