About Our Team

The makers of Providence

“I want to be able to take my 7-year old son, my 5-year old and 10-month old daughters to these places in 20 years and be proud of the legacy we have left behind.”

Adam Shephard, Managing Director, Amex Corporation


Created in the tradition of the great town founders, Providence is the masterwork of the pioneering Shephard family. Their family-owned company, Amex Corporation is one of Australia’s most successful and dedicated residential specialists.

The team of specialists who have come together with Amex to bring Providence to life are leaders in their field of expertise. Each partner shares the Shephard family’s passion for the Ripley Valley – and their commitment for creating something extraordinary here.


Founded by David Shephard in 1987, today Amex Corporation is led by his sons Adam and Cameron. With 25 years on-the-ground experience in Queensland, Amex has an impressive track record of achievement including the creation of a dozen sustainable new communities across Australia.

You’ll see the Shephard ‘family touch’ shine through in every community-first detail in Providence including a unique ‘return to authentic neighbourhood values’ design; substantial investment in community facilities; and a focus on thoughtful initiatives to bring the community together.

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