Providence is offering a Free Landscaping Package for lots in Stages 13 & 14 (lots 721-742 inclusive).


What is included?

The Free Landscaping Offer means a provision of the following items by the Developer to the Front Garden of the allotment to a maximum cost of $10,000 (inclusive of GST);

  • Trees, shrubs and turf;
  • Garden bed edging;
  • Soil and mulch;
  • Retaining walls to front boundary including driveway returns and drainage as per design advice;
  • Irrigation;
  • Retaining wall structural certification as required;

but excludes the following items:

  • Fencing;
  • Service connection extensions resulting from retaining walls;
  • Building façade treatments or alterations;
  • Driveway and porch construction;
  • Retaining walls to side and rear boundaries;
  • Repair of turf to the footpath / verge along the frontage of the allotment;
  • Letter boxes, street numbers and any lighting;
  • Concrete footpaths (or repairs) and stairs within the lot;
  • Maintenance and Establishment


What is the process?

Once you sign your land contract you will commence your house design process with your nominated builder. Part of this process requires you to submit your design to the Design Review Committee (DRC) for a DRC Approval. As part of your submission you will be required to submit a plan that illustrates your front yard landscaping in accordance with the Design Guidelines.

Our Design Review Officer will assess the home design and the general conformance of the Front Yard landscaping in accordance with the Design Guidelines. The Design Officer will contact a member of the Development Team advising they have received a design application which includes an allotment in the Free Landscape Offer.

The Development Team will make contact with you to discuss what items and elements of your Front Garden proposal will be included, up to $10,000 (inclusive of GST) as part of the Free Landscaping Offer.

Should you wish to consult with a member of the Development Team prior to submitting your design for approval please call (07) 3198 6770.


How is the $10,000 (inclusive of GST) calculated.

The Development Team will provide your front yard landscaping plans to a contractor or contractors to price the works. You will be notified if the quoted works are in excess of the Landscape Offer amount.


Who does the work?

The agreed works, up to $10,000 (inclusive of GST) will be performed by the contractor appointed by the Development Team. As a buyer, you will not be required to enter into an agreement with the contractor, however access will need to be given for the works to be carried out.

Once agreement is reached this will be documented and included as part of your Design Approval for peace of mind. Contact will need to be maintained throughout your building process so the Development Team can schedule works that may be required earlier in the process, such as retaining walls to the front yard.


For a comprehensive outline of the terms and conditions please, click here.


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